Clowning &Circus big top tentCircus Puppets

Clowning Around With Puppets
 Red Headed Clown Mrs Clown Striped Clown ABC Clown Rodeo Clown 16 inch Hobo Clown
TBT1690 Mad Woman or Witch  TBT1689 Magician or Sorcerer Yarn 10" Clown Small Red Head Clown 9" TBT0857 Ringmaster Clown

Our Finest Clown Marionette!



 Little Jester Red Elf/ Jester Jester 16 inch

Our Finest Troubadour Jester!

Hand Puppets

  Jester Hand Puppet  Czech Jester 12 inch

Circus Hand Puppets

Lion 12 inch Tiger English Elephant Bear 12 inch

14 Inch
Bear 14 inch Elephant 14 inch  Lion 14inch Tiger Zebra 14inch Giraffee 14inch

Circus Marionettes
Yarn 10 inch Zebra Yarn 10 inch Tiger Yarn 10" Lion Yarn 10 inch Elephant Yarn 10" Monkey Yarn 10" Black Bear Yarn 10 inch Bear 
Plush 10' lion TBFP1003 Plush Monkey

Puppets Hand Puppet on StageFor Sale!

Clown & Circus Puppets!

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