Terrors Of the Dungeon

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21 Years Tomorrow

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Hair blowing in the windy sky.
Sometimes when the sky is gray 
and heavy
hanging down,
holding back its unwept tears,
its raindrops-
oppressing the earth,
shielding the sun from sight
And casting uncertainty in every direction,
I remember.

When I've had too, much coffee

and not enough sleep
And the hours wrap around my brain
The silence clutches at my thoughts.
Then I drift far and away
and yet, 
not really, very far.

The rivers of my thoughts

wash upon deserted sands,
better left that way.
The fingers of my thoughts
knock upon locked doors,
And suddenly they fall open
unleashing all held therein.
I'm alone, not lonely
there is emptiness about me,
an aching in my past that troubles me, 
frightens me.
Reflection, doubt cripples me.
I'm trembling and unsure, Why?

Ah! Tomorrow beckoning, waiting, watching,

the shadows which cloud my brow.
And still she mourns,
I know she holds unhappiness,
as inescapable as thunder
in a lightening storm.
The flicker first, 
then the sound,
water after the burst of emotions.

Yes, sorrow waits I know it

but, in moments my laughter, 
my hope, will bury it deep down.
Then skip over it, replacing it,
perhaps not in truth, but in mood.

September 9, 1970
Lady LaMythica©

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