Terrors Of the Dungeon


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 A Tavern
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A Tavern
I Came to the Tavern and the Inn.
I'd been riding for hours, for miles.
I was worn and weary
And that's the place where I'll begin.
They told me where I could sit.
I grabbed a chair, off in the corner,
all by myself.
But, as the others began to trickle in
they began to talk.

And I fell into their spell.
The warmth of the fire,
filling me, willing me to listen.
It's dancing flames talking as well.
Tales of themselves and hell.
Got myself a brew,
just ale said I.

I was thirsty and bone dry, too!
My body begged for me to stay
but, something told me go.

 A whisper rippled through my soul.
Fear? Smothered and ignored.
What harm here?
It's warm, I'm tired.
There was nothing else to do.
And so, I listened and listened
to their horror stories, tragedies,
saw their infrequent stares-
and I thought how I'd like to help,
like to reach out,
And bind their bleeding hearts.
Take away their scars,
chase away their scares.
And then when it seemed,
they'd finished talking,
I heard their chairs all scrape,
all stop and turn around.
I saw their eyes meet mine,
look through me-
Come to me and then they fell on me.

Savagely, teeth bared,
tearing through my flesh.
I, the unwanted stranger,
the unwelcome guest.
August 27, 1981

Lady LaMythica©

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