Terrors Of the Dungeon


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The damage is done,
the dye is Cast.
It takes too much
to break the past.

So, bend the child
before too late,
then send the child
to time past date.
Make them a parcel, your gift, your right.
Mold them and mock them 
and prevent their flight.
Strangle their self seed,
than tear their heart,
With teeming sorrows
and too late start.

So, bend the marrow
your flesh and blood
And then prepare them
within your mud.
Yes, fill them full of
What you possess
And then condemn them
for being less.

Now, break the backbone
before too late.
Kill the unique seed,
bury their fate.
Watch them now, wither within your wine,
As they consider themself the vine,
As they untangle themself and you
Alone to find too, late what's you!

May 21, 1969
Lady LaMythica©

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