The Devil Seldom Sleeps

I have played chess with the devil
sat across those squares of black and white
pondering my next move.
Accessing just how badly I can afford to loose
because You know you are going to loose.

It just depends upon how badly,
the degrees of the inflicted pain to come will be.

This is a game I can never win
everything depends on him.
The extent of his rage.
He will beat me in the end.
It is as inevitable as the fact there is no way out,
no where to go, even if you could beat him to the door
Because you know that he knows
you want to be anywhere but here with him.

Yet, you try with all you have not to show it.
You need time to plan, something, anything
to get away but how and where?
And the soul of sly with slits of
malevolence for eyes
is just watching, waiting, calculating, accessing you too.
Playing chess with you physically, emotionally
but more importantly mentally.

Sanity is at stake and the only real escape
rom the torment that you feel.
The anguish you try desperately not to reveal
is the fear of that next move
and what you, yourself might do

Still you sit stifling your emotions
praying you can shield your thoughts
from his invasive scrutiny,
his pervasive levels of cruelty.
Your soul struggling to breath
another day, another minute more.
Pleading to hang on, to please believe in something.

Life is always iffy at best from breath to breath.
Alternatives, escape or suicide?

Sometimes you wonder these things
within these tattered, ripped and aching
recesses of the mind that tears a little more
with every savage new attack.
In fact, You say you can not go on
like this another day.
When you cannot keep the demon seed at bay, away.

What is child's play for him
is unadulterated torture for you.
And trying to out think him, out guess him
is a waste of time but it is all that you can do.

So keeping your emotions dead, your tears unshed
you move those pieces ever carefully
one moment to the next.
Hoping there will be at least
just one more breath.
And if your lucky you will get to play
this game again tomorrow.

And still you find yourself hoping that you will.
If this game will end at least for today
and you are still breathing
however, shallow be that breath.
Because though Satan never seems to sleep
You still live within this slimming, dimming hope
that he will close those slit-ty eyes of his
Shut his suffocating vile and filthy mouth.

So, you can can cope, can hope
to reach your God for strength for light!
The candle you still tend inside.
Waiting for these slices of life
when you might see you are not the monster
Satan has purported you to be.

Yet, you fear you just might see
a beast staring back at you
in the mirror from which you hide, terrified.

It is safer to play this game of chess

than to have Game over!

Why? Because when He erupts
which can be any moment of this
He can over power you, devour you!
And then you have nothing left to leave behind.
Nothing else to give except the hope
this tiny bit of You,
You hid and kept for you
will matter on the other side.

The Devil's Breakfast Table by Katie Roselle
The Very Talented
Katie Rosselle

By Lady Lamythica
September 12, 201


Lady Lamythica 2015©Linda A Copp


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