Woman Alone

I'm Down

I'm down and under, no where to go,
With no one to talk to, no one to know.

And how can I help it,
This hurt that I feel.
I'm lonelier now, than the sadness I feel-
There are no tomorrows,
there is no today.
And there's no butterflies or rainbows
a coming my way.

My life is so hollow,
so empty, a shell.
I've not one friend truly,
no one to tell.
And the loving I hold
is nothing but ache
Cause there's no one who wants it.
It dies with a quake.
As I tremor within
and I tremor without.
The truth is the ugliest Dragon about.

Yet, I'd sooner the Dragon,
than some sweet, 
sweet lie
For the questions I pose 
Seek truth in replies.

So, I know, yes, I know
and the hurt has to swell
As I find in my heartache
my own private hell.

So, forgive me my sadness,
my love will soon rise.
And turn all the hollow
from out of my eyes.

It will mend my poor heart
with one touch of its brow
And give me the strength
to go, on somehow!

January 8, 1972
By Lady LaMythica

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