Numbers of Folks

The Numbers Dance Before Me

And the numbers dance before me,
in lines and columns, still,
Like the rattling of tattered leaves,
upon the window sill.

'Til they've pounded out the silence
of the sounds you've kept within
And brought the thrust of one more truth,
to rest upon your skin.

And the numbers dance before me,
like some puppets on parade.
Looking even now, upon me as the one,
the one, they made.
And I can't call them to me,
for a favor asked, can't be -
Any more than but a kindness,
misbegotten jewelry.
And the numbers dance before me
And I know I'm surely wrong
to feel so, deeply saddened,
so, blue eyed in my song.
But, I know, I know too, truly,
if the puzzle was reversed.
I'd of thought and thought
and thought some more -
And they'd have never seen the worst.
For I wear my love like color
and I spend it lavishly.
As if I were the Queen of Hearts
Knew none but, victory.
And the numbers dance before me
the Queen has fallen to,
Counting out the numbers, now,
as she's turning, turning, blue.
From falling off the sky line
when the neighbors, didn't call,
And drowning in her loneliness,
when the friends weren't none,
at all.
Always fourth or fifth place,
after Cronkite and the news.

Carriage Fleeing
Don't you wish that you could get away,
forsake these chilling blues.
But, no matter where you travel,
no, matter where you go
Your taking your heart with you
and she, she will always know.

August 27, 1971
Lady LaMythica

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