Here I sit a sitting
on something like a tomb.
A shrouded, shadow watching,
wading through the gloom.

The murky dusk of evening,
the shaded lamp, half day.
Has come to fill the emptiness
with clouds and bits of gray.
Dead gulls, they float forgotten,
in pools of black and tears,
Stagnant in their heartache
and slipping with the years.
My cups been finished, emptied,
my shadow lingers on.
The stagnant sea spells loneliness,
breeds darkness and your gone.
And oh, to wake forgotten,
forgotten of this hell
That rose to take my happiness,
took it and me as well.
Now, they may call me crimson,
gray and sad eyed too.

They mock me as a loner
but, tell me 
what am I to do.
The world it has no songbird,
the sky it has, no blue.
The sunshine has no warmth for me
there's nothing without you.
I have no friends, 
no poems,
no songs to sing, 
I'm here
With Emptiness and Loneliness
and eyes too dead to tear.
The water pools around me,
the chill has come to rest,
Like some mighty sharpened blade,
laid down upon my breast.

My mind can't think to wander
and I can only stay
In whispers and forgotten times
and thoughts of yesterday.
And could the ache inside me roar,
the knife within me rise,
You'd see the hollow all about
swell up and through my eyes.
No vines, rosebushes, poems,
no springs, no Christmas Day,
No tomorrows and no sunlight,
Just mist and murk and gray.
May the windstorm she grow shriller
and take me with her gale
down through time's forgotten paths
where my love, alas, has left no trail.

And Dear God , 
I beg you, 
please don't let her fail.

March 31, 1972

By Lady LaMythica


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