A Stone

A Stone

There's a stone, inside my head,
Rolling round my brain,
colors and chords playing,
Now, ain't that a shame.
Standing at Tomorrow
like a ghoul waiting on,
Wondering at that filmy dress,
that black mist, She's got on.

Man with Question
Hey, I see the sunshine,,
but she's just beyond a cloud,
Question marks are following,
falling like a shroud.
Yeah! There's a stone inside my head,
Rolling round my brain,
like a single marble banging,

A Marble
Against a window pane.
Now, who can see the starlight,
who doesn't see the star?
And who can reach the border,
if he never looks that far?
And who can answer questions
if he never sees them there?
Hey, I don't know, I don't know?
What I'm knowing, I can't share.

For Seeing in that Ghoul's eyes
Tomorrow's sorried rhyme.
Yet, knowing there's an angel too,
who'll listen and be mine.

So, there's a stone inside my head,
And some things I should of said,
but, better there to keep them,
Better there than out, instead.

For the questions have no answers
and only time will tell,
If some of what I'm seeing,
is but, my own idea of hell.
So, let her red devils try me,
but, may I not keep them fed.
And Oh! Dear God, have them fly away
by the time I get to bed.
For though I see the sorrow,
I also see the light
And I know there's joy and happiness
mixed with that ghoul's black sight.
Forgive me if I falter, forgive me if I fail.
Forgive me if I worry you,
Dear God, You know, You know, My Tale.

December 16, 1971
Lady LaMythica

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