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It often expresses my fear, anguish, anger and torment in graphic and frightening terms. However, this journal and these compositions provided the only release I had for a most conflicted soul struggling sometimes tenuously to hold on to its very life. Unable to verbalize these feelings to anyone and being utterly alone, other than my belief in God and his deliverance , they stand as a testimonial to where I began in order that I may understand and see where I now, Am. 
At Peace.
I think...

21 Years Tomorrow Dream Takers Parables of Pleasure
A Stone Empty Chambers Passages
Before Too Late Flagstone Paths Pieces
Break Song Gossamer Walls Sitting
Chains Hand Me No Secrets The Numbers
Danger Heartache The Tavern
Deserted Streets Little Caesar The Devil Seldom Sleeps
Down And Under Oh! Figure! What Then
    Woke Up This Morning

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