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Ruby Witch with Grimace Cat
and "Mischief Cat" Pumpkin Basket

Pumpkin Basket with stuffed Cat and Witch and Cat Hand Puppet
"Ruby Witch and Grimace Cat Pumpkin Basket" comes with our cuddly, stuffed toy, Mischief Cat to hug while reading the "Trick or Eeek Riddle Book", coloring book, crayons, straws, inflatable scary beach ball, Paddleball, Pumpkin light for trick or treating, (requires batteries) a pumpkin pencil, bubbles and 14" Witch Hand Puppet as well as 12 inch Gray Cat!

All for  $34.99

Without Stuffed Mischief Cat  $27.99

HBRC02 Ruby and Grimace Basket w/stuffed Mischeif Cat

Our basket comes ready for Halloween!
Full of trick or treat fun and activities!

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Ruby Witch with Grimace Cat Basket HBRWGC02  $34.99

Ruby Witch  with Grimace  Cat Hand Puppet
NO Stuffed Cat
  HBRWGCNM0 $28.99


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