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Patriot's Day Patriot's Day Beating Drum is celebrated on the third Monday in April. It commemorates the Battle of Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts. 

Our "Patriot's Day Uncle Sam Marionette Gift Basket" Revolutionary War Symbolscan be used for either Patriot's Day or the 4th of July! It comes with a "Sam The Minuteman" story book, pinwheel, boomerang, mini notebook, small flag, Stuffed Freedom Eagle, Glitz and gleam sequined Uncle Sam top hat (adult size),
yoyo, Uncle Sam mask and Uncle Sam 16 inch Wooden marionette!

Patriot's Day Uncle Sam Marionette Gift Basket Wrapped

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Patriot's Day Uncle Sam Marionette Gift Basket Wrapped

Patriot's Day Uncle Sam Marionette Gift Basket


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