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ThanksgivingThanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday
of November.
It is a day observed for giving thanks
to God for one's blessings.

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Sunnie BeeThe Pilgrims,  Pilgrim Familya group of English  protestant worshipers, came to the New world seeking religious freedom.  The Pilgrims,  originally called separatists, later called Puritans, wanted to purify the teachings and ceremonies of the Church of England.  
 King James I, the ruler of England would not recognize their rights to worship as they wished and they were punished and persecuted. Many sought refuge in the Netherlands and moved there in an effort to worship freely. However, they missed English Life and customs and many of them, when given the opportunity to go to the New World, America, gladly did so.
They bordered the MayflowerMayflower on September 16, 1620 and landed off the coast of Cape Cod in Provincetown Harbor on November 21, 1620, sixty-six days after setting sail. A month later, under the leadership of Miles Standish, they chose a place to establish their colony and named it Plymouth, for the city in England from where they set sail. 

The Mayflower Compact, the first governing agreement ever put forth in America was written by the Pilgrims, before they ever set foot on land.
It set up the rules for governing the colony they would establish and did in December of 1620.

More than half of the colony died
that winter of 1621.
But, in the spring with the help of the Native Americans Native American Indians
(or American Indians)
who gave them seeds, showed them how to plant and introduced them to corn, the survivors were able to continue the colony
and reap a
Vegetablesharvest in the fall. 
The first Thanksgiving
Pilgrim and Native American Indianwas observed that fall in 1621 to give thanks for their survival and their blessings especially,
the freedom of worship. 

Indians brought corn and wild turkeys for the feast.
The colonists made journey cakes, corn meal bread,
nuts and succotash.
The Pilgrim men killed geese, ducks and fish.

Later, Governor William Bradford decreed a three day feast
on July 30, 1623 for Thanksgiving observation. 

The custom spread from Plymouth Pilgrim Children
throughout the New England colonies.
During the American Revolution eight days of thanks
were observed, praying for victory over the British.
George Washington issued a general proclamation
naming November 26 a day of National Thanksgiving in 1789.
The Episcopalian Church announced that the first Thursday in November would be an annual day of giving thanks. 
There was not a National Day of Thanksgiving recognized throughout the United States for many years.
Some recognized and observed a day while others did not. 
In 1830 New York declared an official state Thanksgiving,
other northern states followed it's example.
Virginia was the first southern state to adopt a
Thanksgiving Day in 1855.

In 1863, President Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday
in November as a day of thanksgiving and praise.
Mrs. Sarah Joseph Hale worked many years to promote
a national Thanksgiving Day.
Thanksgiving Day for the next 75 years
was then celebrated on the last Thursday in November
as proclaimed by each president.
However, in 1941 Congress ruled the
fourth Thursday of November

would now, be a federally recognized holiday.
It has been celebrated as such ever since that time.

Give ThanksThe American Thanksgiving DayTurkey Eating a Sandwich
probably grew out of the harvest home celebrations
observed in England. One of the first observances
of thanksgiving prayers was observed by
39 English settlers on Berkeley James Plantation,
on the river near what is now called, Charles City, Virginia.
Their charter called for the day of their arrival,

December 4, 1619 to be observed annually,
as a day of Thanksgiving to God.

Thanksgiving Family Thanksgivingis celebrated
with great Spoon and Forkdinners,

prayers and visits among friends and families.
Parades and football games
are some of the events enjoyed on the day as well.

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