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The Boston Tea Party
 - Steven Kroll

If You Lived At The Time of The American Revolution
 - Kay Moore

If You Lived In Colonial Times
 - Ann Mc Govern

If You Lived When They Signed The Constitution
 - Elizabeth Levy

America the Beautiful

Beat the Drum-Independence Day Has Come
 - Lee Hopkins

Followers Of the North Star:
Rhymes About African American Heroes...Historical Times

Hand In Hand An American History Through Poetry
 - Lee Bennett Hopkins

A Picture Book of Thomas Jefferson
 - David Adler

A Picture Book Of George Washington
 - David Adler

A Picture Book of Benjamin Franklin
 - David Adler

And Then What Happened Paul Revere?
 - Jean Fritz (9-12)

Will You Sign Here John Hancock?
 - Jean Fritz (9-12)

What's the Big Idea, Ben Franklin?
 - Jean Fritz (9-12)

Where Was Patrick Henry On the 29th Of May?
 - Jean Fritz (9-12)

Can't You Make Them Behave King George?
 - Jean Fritz (9-12)

Shh! We're Writing the Constitution
 - Jean Fritz (9-12)

Katie's Trunk
 - Ann Warren Turner A story

The Flag We Love

The Fourth Of July Story
 - Alice Dalghiesh

The Jamestown Colony
 - Gail Sakurai

If You Were There In 1776
 - Barbara Brenner (9-12)

A Young Patriot
 In The American Revolution
- Jim Murphy A Story

Black Heroes In the American Revolution

The New Americans Colonial Times
 - Guilio Maestro

 Red, White and Blue:
The Story of the American Flag

Elder's Histories

Boston Tea Party: Rebellion In the Colonies
 - James E. Knight (9-12)

Bully For You Teddy Roosevelt
 - Jean Fritz

Faces Of Revolution: Biographies Of the Patriots
 - Bernard Barilyn

The War for America
 - Piers MacKeny

A History Of The American Revolution
 - John Alden

The Men Who Started the American Revolution

 - A.J. Langguth

The Long Fuse:
How England Lost The American Colonies
 - Don Cook

From Resistance to Revolution:
Development Of American Opposition

 - Pauline Maier

The Declaration Of Independence
A Study of Political Ideas
 - Carl Lotuc Becker


I'm George Washington and Your Not
- Steven Kroll

Abe Lincoln's Hat
 - Martha Brenner

George Washington's Mother
 - Jean Fritz

Just A Few Words Mr. Lincoln
 - Jean Fritz

George Washington's Breakfast
 - Jean Fritz

A More Perfect Union
 - Guileo Maestro

Life and Histories


George Washington,  a Picture Book Biography
 - James Cross Giblen and Michael Dooling

Honest Abe
 - Edith Kunhardt

A Picture Book Of George Washington
 - David A. Adler

If You Grew Up With George Washington
 - Ruth Gross

If You Grew Up With Abraham Lincoln
 - Ann Mc Govern (9-12)

If You Lived At The Time Of The Civil War
 - Kay Moore

They Were Strong And Good
 - Robert Lawson Stories

The Glorious Cause the American Revolution
 - Robert Middekaff


George Washington And The New Nation 1783-1793

George Washington: The Forge Of Experience 1732-1775

George Washington And Slavery
 - Fritz Hirchfield

Founding Father: Rediscovering George Washington
 - Richard Brookhier

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The Lantern  
Tin and Bone 
 War Witch I  

 Little War Witches 
 The Little Tin Soldier 

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