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David Folsom

Aureole/The Prologue: "Return 2 Earth"
Aureole/Faeries, Que-bits, Ice Blue Empress: "Icicles"
Butterflies poem: "Precious Love"
Faerie World: "Unborn"
Lute And The Mystic Rose poem: "Mist On The Water"
Lady of The Lake Poem: "Emeraude"
The Halls of Schwedagon: "The Halls of Schwedagon"

John Engelmann
Aureole/Entry Index, Woodsprites : "Deep Blue"
Lady Lamythica/Index Entry: "Legend"
Aureolestar/Lady Lamythica, Spiritual Tahoe: "The New Millennium"
Lady Lamythica/ Spirituality/Spiritual Pathways: "Legend"
Mother Earth, Birth of the Mystic Rose: "Mother"
2 Druids poem, Hallowed Grotto:"Seashore"

Keith Spillmann
There's Creatures Everywhere: "Da Bear"
Crimson and The Indians Danced poem: "Big Sky"
LaMythica's Watch, Kindred Spirits poem: "Sleepy"
Majesty poem: "Majestic"
Morgan Town poem: "Nite Ride"
The Troubadour poem "Midevil"

Aureole/Orbit: "Light Blue Heaven"
Revolt of The Puppets poem "Light Blue Heaven"

Michael Yee
Aureole/Spirits: "Fleeing The City"

Matthew Jordan
Demon Dance poem: "Demon's Get No Sleep"

Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Band of Angels poem: "BoundlessLove"

Michael Leja
Where My Beloved Waits For Me poem: "Grandios"
Dwartus Circumspectus poem: "Dragon Flight"

Stig Vegar
Lightening poem: Taveren from Wheels of Fire Themes
Paarendi a Wheels of Fire theme found at Stig Vegar
Folk Lore Page: Thom a wheels of Fire theme
Tomb of the Trolls: Myrddaal

Jackson Ng

Poetry My Muse: Awaiting

Scott Moffat

The Umbra poem Puppets

Patrick Wolf
WE Sing poem:"Sky Serenade"
The Udd:"Tragic Play"

Rick Rowan

Art, Artists and Graphics

Brian McGovern©
The Gondola of Time: Entry Page

Amy Brown©
Lady Blue :  LaMythica's Prose
Something Strange and Rich: Lamythica, LaMythica's Watch
Gremlinelf: Lightening Dragon Queen
Lightning: Lightening the Dragon Queen
WillowWhisp: Spirits and Faeries

Jonathon Earl Bowsser©
is the creator of
Mary, the Celestial Apparition: The Prayer
Sibling Rivalry: The Halls of Schwedagon,
Fire Lake: The The Fires of Hell, The Udd.
Pastoral Symphony: Hallowed Grotto
The Family That Preys Together and the Dragon:  
Gossamer Walls, Demon Dance, The Umbra.
The Holy Spirit: Aureole Prologue,

Angus McBride
Dwartus Circumspectus poem: Dragon Flight

Nadia Strelvinka
Magic Fire : The Lady of the Lake poem
Nadia's website http://www.strelkina/com or visit her at

Clipart Castle©
is the creator of graphics on the following pages:

Aureole: Hour glass
Before Too Late: the lady
Chains: girl
 Dream Takers: Wizard, drop of blood, goblet and sword.
Fires Of Hell: flames
Heart Ache: The girl
Parables of Pleasure: Brutus, Bones, Lady, Rasputin
Sitting: the tomb, the ghoul
Pieces: Evil Wizard
Passages: The Evil Wizard Devil 

Kitty Roach©
is the creator of the Wolf on the Dark Ages Dark Pages Page

Mary Garren©
Home Page: Background, galaxy
Orbit: moon, shooting star

Griselda Tello©
Whispering Waters on Hallowed Grotto.

Mike Green©
background on Folk Lore from the Unicorn Notebook

The following Artists work comes from Art History Pages

Larry Elmore©: Vexation Mountain background.
Michael Whelan©: Dragon on Dwarftus Circumspectus
Keith Parkinson©: Zodd and the Zodiac Wizard, Witch on Vexation Mountain
Jeff Easely©: Background on DemonDance
Brian Froud©: Woodsprites background and closeup lady

The Collections

The Following Graphical Collections have renderings throughout this site:

Web Empire 150,000 by Xoom
Animation Factory
Nova 5000 Web Explosion
Nova 250,000 and 600,000 Art Explosion
Imsi's Master Clips Collections 101.000, 200.000, 303,000 
Clikart 65,000 Collection
Corel's Mega Gallery and Corel Designer's Animations
Macmillian 50,000 Web Publishing Collection
All text and text graphics belong to me including but not limited to 1999 to 2017 
as well as some backgrounds. 
Lady LaMythica, a..k.a. Linda A. Copp© 1999 , 2000- 2017

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