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Lady LaMythica

This is "Something Rich and Strange," the copyrighted work of Amy Brown
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I am the Lady Lamythica,
Supreme Ruler of Aureole, the hidden Faery Star in the Corona Borealis. I am the Queen of that Realm as was my Mother, Imperial Queen Faerial of "The Faerie Veil" before me. My Father, King Alphecca was Lord King of the Elves in the Realm of "The Elves of Elder." This is my heritage and from whence I came. If you wish to read of my journey to this time and place you may do so at AureoleStar in the tales of 
"The Quest For Aureole." 

 That said, let me say, "Lady LaMythica's Flights of Fantasy Pages" were created to reflect more than my faerie soul. For though being of this realm, I have also walked the byways of humankind as well. Hence, you will find I am a Fae woman of diverse interests, visions and ideologies. However, I remain always most interested in Spirituality in all its many renderings and colors. Creativity, mine and yours is just my spirit dreaming place! Let us share it now, flying together through those un chartered provinces in our minds, where we traverse the stars searching to find the vast wonderlands of the fantastic. Seeking Magic where ever it might be! And then let us waken gently and sweetly to the "Real Realm" here on earth, where the Real Magic is found in the realties of our hearts and the Greatest Magic of All, 

May Peace, Love and Joy Surround You
As Our Spirits break free,
reaching, climbing, 
soaring through these Nether Lands,
In These Flights of Fantasy!

As Ever,
The Lady LaMythica©  

August 17, 2000

All rights reserved world wide 1999-2017 ©Linda A. Copp, LadyLaMmythica.com

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