LaMythica's Fantasy Poetry of Aureole

All these poems have music
and take time to load!

Poetry of Aureole The Light Side Poetry of Aureole  The Dark Side
2 Druids Azymyth
Hallowed Grotto* Demon Dance
Ice Blue Express* Dwarftus Circumspectus
LaMythica's Prose Lightening Dragon Queen
LaMythica's Watch*  
Lute And The Mystic Rose*  
The Birth of The Mystic Rose*  
The Enchantment: Where My Beloved Waits For Me* The Halls of Schwedagon
The Lady Of The Lake* The Tomb of The Trolls
  Troll Caskets
The Mystic Rose The Udd
The Wishing Day The Umbra
Thy Fae Tallow  
Xeranthium Gardens Wood Sprites
Zodd Vexation Mountain


LaMythica's Fantasy Poetry
*Some Have Music and take time to load! 



There's Creatures * The SnowQueen* The Wax Museum
The Musical Muse* The Troubador* Sleepy Hollow
Poetry My Muse* Spiritual Tahoe* The Giraffe, the Willow and Me
Dancing Dragonflies* The Wizard* Flights of Fantasy
Kindred Spirits* Majestic* Fairy Tales
Demon Dance* Dragons* The Gaw-loop Monster
Morgan Town* Goldilocks As Is
Trollsez Supposez Little Red Riding Hood My Glass Swan
The Revolt of The Puppets* The Magician The Tomb of The Trolls
Parades* Pinocchio Troll Casket
The Pauper And The Prince The Theater It's Time Said The Pumpkin
  The Still, The Silence and Then The Sound  

Life /Moods

And The Numbers Dance Before Me A Mirror A Shadow
Everybody Pushen' and Pullen' at Me Everyone You Love Can't Love You Back I'm Free
Hand Me No Secrets House of Ice Hushed And Silent
I've Lost That Magic Something Judas Jugs Of Brews
My Barometer's Dropping My World Purple
Rachel Rebecca Someone Came  
Woke Up This Morning You Caught Me In  

Wild Spirits

A Leopard Lay Jungles Leopard Swim
Panther On The Prowl Tigers, Tigers Wolf Way Princess

Holy Spirit

An Angel A Band of Angels Butterlies
Heaven He Said Spiritual Tahoe*
  A Snowflake  

Social Issues

African Drums Black On Black Circles
Crimson Danger Epitaph
Indian Song* It's Late Little Caesar
Little Tin Soldier Little War Witches Of Dust and Glass
So After The Lie Spoils And Spoilers
The Tavern The Beginning Of The End Thunderstorms
War Witch I We Sing* Wooden Blocks


Sunnie Bunniezz Poetry

Children's Poetry Holiday Poetry Spiritual Poetry
Elder's Poetry Seasonal Poetry  


Prologue of Aureole The Tales of Aureole

Dark Ages Dark Pages

Terror From The Dungeon survivor's poetry

Survivor's Poetry


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