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(True lilies belong to the Lilaceae. They are the genus Lilium)

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"There are many kinds of lilies in the world but I grow Easter lilies in my garden. BumbleBee© has told me that in some places in Man's world like the U.S.A. that their Easter lilies do not bloom in time for Easter. A real tragedy, I might add. So, they get their lilies shipped from Bermuda, wherever in bunny goodness that is, for the holiday celebration.

Well, Easter Lilies on Sunrise Island©, always bloom in time for Easter. We Sunnie BunnieZZ© make sure every thing is always prepared, I mean ready, in time for the Easter celebration. We celebrate the beginning of Spring here with its rebirth of all life. We know it all has to do with the great tattered book we brought here many years ago. Though I dare say, we as yet, have not been able to read and understand it all.

Lilies grow from scaly bulbs planted in the ground about six inches apart or so, Grampaw has told me. I always follow Grampaw's directions, as he is a Gardenaire Extraordinaire. Lilies grow in deep, sandy soil, which we keep well drained and bloom into trumpet shaped, delicate flowers. Lilies need to be shaded and sheltered from strong winds and harsh sun. I grow mine in the shade of the Great Mann Elder where they first bloomed as you know if you have read the first Chapter of the Sunnie BunnieZZ story. If you want to read it then please go to the story page and read
"How Hunnie HunnieBunnie and Sunnie SunnieBunnie Became the Sunnie BunnieZZ".©

The vegetable asparagus, which I love best, is a member of the lily family as is aloe, a great healing herb which my daughter, Berrie just raves about. A most surprising fact is that water lilies are not members of the lily family.

Well gotta go now, kids see you later."

Love ya',

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The Easter Lily is considered to be a symbol of "The Resurrection" of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Easter itself is the celebration of that event and is celebrated as such in many parts of the world. (See Lily poem and Easter Holiday information.)

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