LaMythica's Prose
By Linda A. Copp

Now, I've known a couple of wizards,
on a star kissed afternoon,
Some rainbows that I've ridden,
some full and some half moons.

I've traveled through many forests, 
the enchanted and the cursed.
I have seen the sun rise, 
I've also, seen it burst.

I've met elves and wood sprites
sitting in the trees
and looked just beyond them
to see their shadows on the leaves,
And the trolls that no one sees.
So, very few believe.

I've talked to the naked and the numb,
the cloaked, rebuked and dumb.
Seen the hooded and their stare,
And the confusion, they both share.

I've sat on veiled and misty hills,
Seen the finest wines,
become the juggler's spills.
Walked by moon light streams,
Shared many Dreamer's dreams.
Down many shaded lanes,
With the vainless and the vain.

And there's no end in sight,
to what I've seen at night,
By moonlight, by candlelight,
by daylight.
Ah! yes,
There's been both wonder,
And there's been fright.

I've met the Sorcerer and his spell,
been his enchanted guest, as well.
And time and time again,
I've seen both his magic
and great sin.

And yet, there's much I've yet, to say,
And so much I've yet, to do.
There's so much I've yet to see,
And many the roads,
I've yet to walk along,
Till I've met the deepy, depths of you.

By Linda A. Copp
©May 21, 1983

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