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Read the Poems and find the answers. We have chosen 4 to 8 words in each poem for kids to review before doing the activities. We have also created other word search and crosswords puzzles of about 10 to 20 words based on the vocabulary of the poems for both kids and middies. 

Have fun and enjoy! Let us know if you like this part of the site. There are more crosswords and word searches to do based on the holidays in our PUZZLES section!

Veteran's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, ChristmasMother's Day

Veteran's &Patriot's & Memorial Day Poems

Back to Poem: Little Tin Soldier

Activities for Poem
Little Tin Soldier
For Kids  (8 Words in most puzzles) *
 same puzzle some kids might  be able to do with elder or middie
Fill In Mix & Match
Multiple Choice Crossword
fill in clues from review words
Put in ABC order Big Word Search*
Scrambled Words with hints*

For Middies & Elders

Scrambled Words
no hints*
Review Words
Big Word Search* Scrambled Sentences

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Saint Patrick's Day Activities:

Back to Poem: Little Folk

Little Folk Activities
For Kids
Based on four words taken from the above poem
read poem for hints 
has fourteen words, little ones may need help! 
Kids Word Search Kids Crossword**
ABC Order Kids Scrambled Words
with hints
Kids Multiple Choice Kids Scrambled Words
Kids Mix and Match Crossword Fill In Sentence
Kids Fill Ins Word Search
For Middies & Elder's
24 words regular crossword if you need help read  Little Folk
Middies* Crossword Middies Word Search
24 words
Middies Fill In Middies Multiple Choice
Middies Mix and Match Middies Scrambled Words
Crossword Middies Fill In Sentence
8 words No hints

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Easter Poems: Activities

Back to Poem: Bunnie Hoppin

Back to Poem: Hippity Hoppin' Season

Back to Poem: I Hear Somethin' Thumpin'

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Mother's Day Poem Activities

Back to Poem Mommie's Day

Mommie's Day Poem Activities
For Kids
Word Search Crossword
For Middies and Elders
Word Search Crossword

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Halloween Poems: Activities

Back to Poem: Halloween

Halloween Poem Activities

For Kids

Mix&Match Fill In the Blank
with hints
you fill answers
Halloween Crossword 
with hints (fill in blanks sentences)
For Middies and Elders
Scrambled Sentences Scrambler no hints
you fill answers
no hints fill in blank
above Live Java
Review Sheets

Back to Poem: Phantom Trees

For Middies or Older 

Review of Words Scrambled Sentences
Scrambler no hints CrossWord Fill in sentence clues no hints

Back to Poem: Pumpkins

 Pumpkins Poem Activities

For Kids

For Middies or Elder 

Words from Three poems

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Autumn & Thanksgiving Activities:

Back to Poem: Gobble, Gobble, Gobble Revised version

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble Activities

For Kid's 
Based on 4 words taken from revised shorter poem

Back to Poem: Gobble, Gobble, Gobble full version

Activities for Poem Gobble, Gobble, Gobble
Some kids might  be able to do with elder or middie
For Kids
Fill In Sentence Crossword Fill Ins
Multiple Choice Mix & Match
Scrambled Words
 with hints - same as no hints
Put in ABC order
Word Search Crossword
For Middies or Elders
Word Review Scrambled Sentences
Scrambled Words:
No hints*
Middies Crossword
Middies Word Search

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Christmas Poems & Activities

Back to Poem: Magic Reindeer

Activities for Poem: Magic Reindeer

For Kids

For Middies and Elders

Back to Poem: Santa's Workshop

Activities for Poem Santa's Workshop

For Kids
*some kids might  be able to do with elder or middie or may be same puzzle as middies.

For Middies and Elders

Review words Crossword
 *20 words
Scrambled Words
No hints*
Word Search
22 words

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