Children Window Shopping

Children, Trees and Tinsel
By Linda A. Copp

Children come rushing down
 a snow filled path,
You want to sigh
but you have to laugh,
As they bring the white wonder
from out on the street
Into your presence
on booted feet.

They stand there smiling
with eyes aglow
And you feel a warmth
and the feeling grows.
For Christmas is coming,
 it is just about nigh
And its love and its magic,
 won't hear of a sigh.

Faces are shining
with hopes and dreams
And Christ is smiling
or so it seems.

And though you grow weary
with so, much to do,
You're thankful and grateful
for all of it too.

For this is the season
of forgotten strife
When the goodness we know
is brought to life

When angels and reindeer
are filling the sky
And, presents and faces
are full of surprise.

And you can’t keep it in,
that love that you feel.
You have to sing out
what your heart can't conceal.

The hymns and the carols
that float through the air,
Fall upon hearts
just aching to share.

And sharing and giving
is all of this time,
All of life’s goodness and
all of life’s rhyme.

So, packages tumble
as arms reach for more.
Half of them broken
as they spill to the floor.

And the wreaths and the holly
that hang all about
Are knocked down and stepped on
as all arms reach out
As they grapple for something,
that brilliant surprise,
Decorations are trampled
and at your feet lie.

Family With Gifts
But, you know that you love it,
the rush and the glow.
The magic of sharing,
the heart has to show.

And when you walk from the store
and into the night
Your eyes catch shyly
on the spinning starlight.

The twinkling stars smile
through the midnight blue
And God shows His face
to me and to you.

By Linda A. Copp
 ©November 23, 1969

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