Little Duck And The Key To Every Door
By  Linda A. Copp

Little Duck and the Key to Every Door by Linda A. Copp

Characters: Duck, Cat, Bunny, Dog, Frog
Props: Key, Easter basket, chocolate bunny, marshmallow chick and painted egg

Scene I
Inside Barn
Props: Easter basket, key
ENTER BUNNY with DUCK following behind

BUNNY: (speaks while walking to center of stage) Phew! Well, this is the last basket and soon I will be hippity hopping down the old bunny trail once again! Easter is my favorite time of year, but it is good it only comes once a year, because it takes me just about that long to get ready for it!
DUCK: (stops center stage) Oh! I know Easter Bunny there's so much to do what with the basket weaving, egg painting and of course the candy making on top of it all!
BUNNY: (BUNNY turns to look at DUCK) The candy making is the yum, yum part of the Easter celebration but, it takes lots of work and tons of sugar, marshmallow and chocolate to make all the marshmallow chicks and chocolate bunnies needed!

And all the jelly beans too! I put lots of them in every basket!


(laughing) and so you did, thank you Little Duck, you were a big help this year!


Thank you Mr. Easter Bunny! (DUCK dances about with glee) I tried my hardest to do my best!


This was the first year you were old enough to help out with the Easter preparations but now you know it takes the paws, wings and hooves of many Easter loving critters to make the great basket give-a-way part of the day come together!


(nodding his head) Yes, from chickens to lambs and even to a little duck like me, everyone does their part!

BUNNY: Everyone matters Little Duck! You'll find it takes team work to get most things done!

(dances about with glee) Yaaay! Team Easter, Go!


Team Easter! I like that! Ah! Easter! Spring is here, flowers and grass are pushing through the ground ...


Birds are singing!


(turns to face audience and breathes deeply) Yes, and the air is so fresh and sweet. Why, you can feel everything coming to life all around you! Easter Sunday is definitely my favorite day of the year!


Even more than Christmas, Easter Bunny?


More than Christmas, my birthday or even the Fourth of July! And do you know why Little Duck?


Let me think. (turns toward audience) Oh! I know why (nodding his head) because on Easter Sunday you get to deliver all the Easter baskets!


(chuckling BUNNY turns back to look at DUCK) Though, of course I'm honored to take part in the Easter celebration in this way that is not why I love Easter best of all Little Duck! I love Easter because it is a time to rejoice in the new life that is possible for every living thing because of it.

For a more spiritual play you may use this passage instead or adapt accordingly!
(Though, of course I'm honored to take part in the Easter celebration in this way that is not why I love Easter best of all Little Duck! I love Easter because we celebrate that glorious day, the first Easter! The day Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, rose from the dead and through his suffering, death and resurrection gave us all a chance at a new and eternal life with Him in heaven! That is the true glory of the day not the Easter Baskets and not the parades they are just the window dressing!  Thanks to the glory of the Lord, The Risen Christ!)


So, I see, it's much more than delivering Easter baskets that makes you so, happy this time of year! Oh! How I wish I could be you for a day Easter Bunny! I want to help you with the Easter baskets!


You have helped already, (BUNNY puts his arm on DUCK'S shoulder), remember you did the jelly beans.


No! I mean I want to go with you and deliver the baskets!


Deliver the Baskets! Oh, No, Little Duck! That's a job for a bunny and that some bunny is me! Believe me this is too hard a job for a little duck! This job requires speed and a good sense of direction! It is too hard a job for any critter but a rabbit! Besides there is tradition to consider!

DUCK: But, I really want to meet the children and sing Easter songs!
BUNNY: First of all everyone is asleep when I deliver the baskets! I enter the house quietly using my key to every door to get in and then on tippy toes I hide the baskets and then leave just as quietly! There is no noise, no talking and certainly no singing! Singing is for later in the day reserved for churches, family gatherings and celebrations like egg hunts and parades!
DUCK: Oh! So, there's no singing, and you do your work on tip toe! Still it sounds like great fun to me! Tell me, where is this key kept, the one you use to get in, this key to every door?
BUNNY: Right here! (BUNNY walks over to key hanging on hook) This is the Key To Every Door and I keep it here on this hook all year round and then on Easter morning I put it around my neck and off I go with my baskets!
DUCK: (DUCK walks over to look at key) So, this is the key that opens all the doors so, you can get in and do your Easter Bunny duty!

Yes! Now, listen Little Duck it is getting late, too late for Easter Bunnies and Little Ducks to be up. We both need to be going to bed. I am off to mine, and you should do the same, Goodnight Little Duck! (EXIT BUNNY)

DUCK: Hmm the key to every door! If I get up before the Easter Bunny and take this key, I could deliver one of these baskets and then I would know what it is like to be the Easter Bunny for a day! (turns to audience) Should I do it kids!

I will take the Key! I will be the Easter Bunny! This will be the best Easter ever! (duck exits with key)


Scene II
(DUCK, off to the side of the stage.)
Props: Key around neck, basket with chocolate bunny, painted egg and marshmallow chick, all on strings.
(ENTER DUCK carrying basket and key is around his neck)
DUCK: Ow! Ouch! I had no idea these baskets were so heavy! Too heavy to carry in my beak, too heavy to carry with my wings and way to heavy to try and fly with. All I can do is try to push it along with my whole body and feet or try to drag it along the ground. I am so tired and this is no fun at all! Maybe when I finally get to my first house things will be more fun then! (ENTER CAT running)
CAT: What do we have here! (seeing DUCK) A birdie! (Runs right over toward DUCK still at the far end of the stage)
DUCK: I am a duck! Now stand away from me, Mr. Cat!
CAT: Duck, bird it's all the same to me! You are sweet meat and a cat's favorite treat!
DUCK: NO! Please NO! (DUCK tries to jump up with basket but cannot lift it!)
CAT: Say what's that you are trying to fly with?

It's an Easter basket I am delivering for the Easter Bunny! This is why you cannot eat me Mr. Cat, I have important work to do!

CAT: Now, that Easter Bunny I can never catch him but, you, you are 'gonna' be delicious me thinks! (moves closer to the DUCK who backs away)
DUCK: No! Wait go chase this! Eat this! (duck turns and throws the marshmallow chick ahead of the cat!)

Oh! A yellow bird! I will catch it and then maybe I'll be back for you! (cat scampers past DUCK and toward the chick rolling offstage)


That was a close call! I almost think I should give up and go back to the barn! (off stage DUCK hears something barking, woof, woof! He stops dead in his tracks and then turns to look at the opposite end of the stage) (ENTER DOG scampering about)


Hey! A bird! What fun! I will chase you for a good long time! (moves closer to DUCK) Do you want to play?


No! I have no time to play! This dog will be a real pest if I cannot get rid of him! Say dog how about a real treat here fetch this! (DUCK turns and throws the egg behind him but ahead of the DOG)


Fetch it my favorite game and a yummy treat to boot! (EXIT DOG)

DUCK: Now, what else can go wrong? I feel like I will never get to that first house with this basket! (DUCK turns to look at the opposite end of the stage and starts once again pushing the basket along and grunting) (ENTER FROG leaping toward DUCK who is now center stage)

Rivet! Rivet! I can leap for the sky but before I do I think I will take this chocolate bunnie along with me too! (EXIT FROG grabbing BUNNY and leaping off stage)


No! Mr. Frog, bring that bunny back here! This basket is just about empty now all I have left is these jelly beans! I should have listened to the Easter Bunny this is too hard, too hard for a Little Duck like me! I do not want to be the Easter Bunny anymore! I just want to go home! (ENTER BUNNY from behind DUCK carrying another Easter basket)


So, here you are Little Duck! You did not get very far! I knew as soon as I found my key missing that you must have taken it!

DUCK: I am so sorry Easter Bunny! I should have listened to you! I am so tired and the basket was so heavy! Then I ran into a cat who wanted to eat me and a dog who wanted to play and maybe would have eaten me! Then a mean frog came and took the last really good thing I had left in the basket the chocolate rabbit!
BUNNY: Little Duck haven't you ever heard the expression, "Quick like a Bunny?" (DUCK sits down dejected) Well, there's a reason people say that, rabbits can jump and leap out of most kinds of trouble and certainly they can do it hopping down the old bunny trail. I can outrun all these critters you met today! I have quick feet, strong legs for jumping. and my paws are strong enough to carry the baskets! Now, I hope you learned something from all this!

I learned it is best for a duck to be a duck! And that:
The Easter Bunny leaps and hops;
he never, ever drags nor drops;
and with his special key; why he,
makes his deliveries quickly and quietly!
then when all this is done
and still on the run
he's off to the Easter Parade
to meet and greet everyone!
Oh! I do hope I have not ruined Easter for everyone!

BUNNY: No not yet, I can still deliver the baskets in time, besides Easter can never be ruined by anybody! I liked your poem very much Little Duck! Now, give me my key, and fly home! Ask Chicken and Lamb to help you make up another Easter basket for me to deliver later! GO, Little Duck!
  (BUNNY and DUCK turn to audience and say) Happy Easter everyone!
  (DUCK exits the stage) Bunny hops to the opposite side of the stage to deliver the baskets) (EXIT BUNNY)

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Little Duck and The Key To Every Door

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