Prop for The Christmas Stocking, the note.
Right Click on Props and scenery for the Christmas Stocking,  Print, Color and Cut out

To Make Santa's Sack take a handkerchief, a face cloth or a square piece of felt and use an elastic band or a string to tie all 4 corners of it together. Cut out the note above, roll it like a scroll and use anther piece of string, ribbon or an elastic to keep it in the rolled position. You need to go to the Connect the Dots puzzles to make your tree and Marky's gift. Do Activity 1 and Activity 4. Color them in, glue them to a piece of cardboard or construction paper and cut them out. The gift is a prop and the tree is to be used as scenery. Attach it to the curtain or the backdrop of your stage with tape, pins or velcro. As usual we ask you to get an adult's permission to use scissors and pins.

Click Here For More Scenery and Props for The Magic CatClick here for the Connect the Dots Activities 1 and 4 to complete the Scenery and Props needed for The Christmas Stocking.

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