Christmas Play

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The ChristmasSanta has filled this Christmas Stocking. Stocking

Mr. Monkey is busy hanging up Christmas Stockings.

by Race Sunnie Bunnie and Linda A. Copp

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Characters: Scaredy Cat, Ellie Elephant, Marky Monkey, Santa Claus and Jingle's the Elf (Voices)
Props: Stocking, Note, Book, Present, Santa's Sack
Scenery: Christmas Tree

Scene I

Marky Monkey's House
Scenery: Tree, attached to background as scenery
Props: Stocking (Marky Monkey is holding his large Christmas Stocking.

ELLIE: (watching MONKEY) What are you doing Marky?

(Looking at ELEPHANT, puts stocking down) Hanging up my stocking, not that it's any business of yours.

SCAREDY: Gee! It's pretty big, you must be planning on getting a lot.
MARKY: I sure am (says the MONKEY looking at the CAT) and I better get a lot, 'cause if I don't (MONKEY makes a slashing sound) I'll break everything, everyone else gets.
ELLIE: Well, MY STARS with that attitude, You'll be lucky to get anything at all.
MARKY: Oh! I'll get quite a bit.
SCAREDY: How do you know?
MARKY: How do I know!
SCAREDY: Yeah that's what I said, didn't I Ellie? (CAT turns to ELEPHANT)
ELLIE: Yes, Scaredy, that's what you said. We both want to know, how do you know?
MARKY: Yeah, yeah, I heard ya' the first time and for your nosy information Miss Ellie, (MONKEY pats the ELEPHANT on the trunk.) I know I'm scoring big time because I've got these Godzilla size stockings with my name monogrammed on them, hung up all over town. So, you see, my little dimwitted ones, wherever Santa goes he'll leave me plenty with a capital lots of, stuffaroo!
ELLIE: You shouldn't have done that, Marky.
SCAREDY: Ellie's right, Marky, Santa will know they all belong to you.
MARKY: Ahh! He's stupid, he won't know.
ELLIE: Santa is not stupid and he will know. You will be one very sorry Monkey come Christmas morning.
MARKY:  Listen mind your own business and I'll mind mine. (poking his thumb into ELEPHANT'S tummy)
ELLIE: Fine with me, Marky. (backing away) And stop poking at me, keep your paws to yourself. I've heard enough from you this Christmas Eve.
SCAREDY:  Yeah, me too! Besides, Oh my paws! Ellie, (CAT turns to ELEPHANT) I just remembered I forgot to hang up my Christmas stocking.
MARKY:  Why should you get anything? (MONKEY pokes CAT)
SCAREDY:  Hey, stop poking at me, poking at me. I'm a good little Kitty. I'm friendly and I never scare people and that's why I think Santa will be good to me.
MARKY:  That's because Mr. Unlucky, your too busy scaring yourself. Boo Hoo, Friday the 13th, bad luck Cat of, not nine lives folks but one, just one miserable, scary life to his feline name. In fact, your name says it all, doesn't it, big boy.
ELLIE: Stop it Marky. Scaredy Cat could scare if he wanted to, but he doesn't even on Halloween, because he is just well, too kind. And kindness matters in this world of ours.
SCAREDY:  Ha, what do you mean, ha? That's it, put up your paws, I'm gonna give you such a cat slap. You won't soon forget it. We'll see whose afraid of who.
ELLIE:  No! Scaredy Cat, you mustn't fight. Don't mess up now, on tonight of all nights, Christmas Eve. Santa might not leave you anything.
MARKY:  I repeat, (pushing into CAT) why should a Halloween mascot, A Hallow's Eve type personage get Christmas Eve type Gifts?
ELLIE:  Any type person who is nice gets on Santa's good list and that's that. Persons or Personages always end up getting what they deserve in the end. Marky, you are just too nasty for words. We better go Scaredy, come on. We've got Christmas caroling to do.
SCAREDY:  We only came to invite you to spend Christmas Eve with us.
MARKY:  Now there's a dull time.
SCAREDY:  Oh, it won't be dull. Everybody bought presents for each other. We're gonna put them under the tree and think about what's in them and sing Christmas Carols and dream, dream, dream.
MARKY:  Hum...! Did anybody buy presents for me?
ELLIE: Oh, yes. (ELEPHANT nods her head up and down.)
MARKY: Then just send them over in the morning. I'll look at them after I've collected all my stockings. Sorry I don't have any presents for any of you, but I don't believe in giving them. Any person who goes around giving things away is crazy.
ELLIE:  Are you calling Santa crazy?
MARKY:  So, what if I am.
MARKY:  Well, I'll just do the receiving, thank you very much. Now, would you two mind running along. And don't forget to bring those presents by in the morning.
ELLIE:  Merry Christmas, Marky.
SCAREDY: Yeah, Merry Christmas, Marky but, I really think a big bah, humbug is what you deserve!


MARKY: I'm very tired, hanging up these stockings was hard work but the payoff will be Great! Think I'll turn in now, (walks off to side of stage as he speaks.) I need my rest for tomorrow when I go to collect my Plenty, Mucharoo!


Scene II

Marky's house
Props: Santa's sack with a note in it and a book
(MONKEY off to the side of the stage, SLEEPING
 SANTA puts down sack and turns to ELF)

SANTA: Okay, Jingles who do we have here.
JINGLES: Humph, Marky Monkey, Santa.
SANTA: Oh yes! He's the one that's been putting all those stockings up all over town.
JINGLES: Yes, Santa, your correct as usual, sir. The greedy one, the very extra- ordinarily, greedy one.
SANTA: He's been mean and stingy, as well. (Santa turns toward Elf and then looks off to the side of the stage waving his finger.)
JINGLES: Yep, and especially nasty, this very night, Christmas Eve! Why an elf just shudders thinking about it. (ELF trembles, Santa hangs his head.)
SANTA: He needs to learn something about Christmas Spirit. Christmas is not just about getting, Jingles. Why it's about giving and rejoicing and most of all it's sharing. Sharing and celebration of all that is good and right in the world and in the human spirit.
(The following line is Optional and may be added depending on the puppeteer's religious beliefs.) But, even more importantly, it is the celebration of the birth of baby Jesus. This is the true meaning of Christmas. All our gifts are remembrances given in honor of Him.
JINGLES: Oh, I know Santa, I know. So, how do we make Marky understand all this, a lump of coal, what, what do you want to give him.
SANTA: This note and this book. Then we'll see, maybe next Christmas things will be different. (SANTA places the items in Marky's stocking and picks up his sack.) Let's go Jingles we've got a lot of stops to make yet and dawn is coming fast.
JINGLES: Yep, Santa, Up and Away, we gotta fly.


Scene III

Same place Marky's House
Props: Stocking with note and Book
Title of book maybe either SCROOGE or the BIBL
(Monkey is on stage asleep snoring)

MARKY: (MONKEY is mumbling and then bolts up straight) Hey it's Christmas. Yippee, I can hardly wait to see what Santa has left for me. I see something in my stocking from here. (MONKEY marches over to stocking pulls out note.) Hey! What's this, a note and a book, that's it! What's it say, this had better be good, like a treasure map or something, yeah maybe a savings bond, or a winning lottery ticket. Huh! Marky, it is more blessed to give than to receive. Christmas is about giving, read, read, read, and learn. Best Wishes Santa. "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. Oh, no isn't this that story about what's his name, that grumpy old guy, Scrooge? I can't believe my friends or should I say my ex-friends were right about Santa. I was so, mean, so mean. (Suddenly there's a knock at the door)

Voices: (YELLING) Merry Christmas Marky!

MARKY: Come on in everybody. (ENTER CAT and ELEPHANT.)
ELLIE: And a very Merry, Merry Christmas, Marky. We brought you your presents, see. (Holds the gift out to the Monkey) Hey, what's the matter, you look kind of sad?
MARKY: I've got something to say and it's very hard.
SCAREDY: Be brave, just spit it out.
ELLIE: We're your friends, we always listen even though sometimes, what you say is not necessarily what an elephant wants to hear.
SCAREDY: Or a cat either.
MARKY: I was very mean and very greedy and you were right, Santa isn't stupid. All Santa left me was this note and this book. Look. (CAT and ELEPHANT look at note.)
ELLIE: Oh, my!
MARKY: Can you ever forgive me?
SCAREDY: Ah! We forgive you, cheer up, you've still got our presents to open. (CAT holds out presents.)
MARKY: Golly, they sure are pretty but I don't deserve them.
ELLIE: Everyone makes mistakes Marky. My teacher used to say -that's what erasers are for. Now, come on let's all celebrate Christmas together, Christmas is for sharing.
MARKY: But, I don't have anything for you and nothing to share.
ELLIE: Yes, you do, you have your friendship.
SCAREDY: And your smile. Besides there's always next year, Marky.
MARKY: I learned my lesson and whenever I start getting greedy I want you to just say, Bah! Humbug to remind me of Mr. Scrooge!





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