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Hand Puppets

Royal Family 12 inch
TBTT029 Wizard TBTT48058 Cutie Princess TBTT049 Prince tbtt020  Queen tbtt032 Cutie Dragon 48089

SB12600 Doll Puppet  KING SB12601 Doll Puppet QUEEN SB12602 Doll Puppet PRINCE  original Toy princess

HSPoor Boy/Miller/Prince/ King TBPmu371 King Richard or Old King Cole  HS King/Prince TBPmu384 French King/Prince John TBPmu372 Sleeping Beauty  TBPmu378 Fairy Princess/Good Fairy TBPpc405 Prince
Goldilocks/Gretel/Wendy TBpc401 Cinderella TBPpc403 Goldilocks/Poor Cinderella  TBPmu383 French Queen/Snow Whites Step Mother TBPmu350 Snow White

14 inch Big Mouth Royal Family


Hand Puppets
Court and Fantasy Characters

12 inch

                                                                    TTMERMAID  Mermaid Hand PuppetTBTT029 Wizard TTELF  Christmas  Elf Cutie Dragon 48089

TBPmu374 Knight/Hunter TBTR26068    St. George Knight TBPmu348 Unicorn TBPH005 Crocodile TBTR26037  Devil TBPmu316 Magician TBTR26122  Mermaid
TBPmu363  Green FairyTBPmu333 FrogTBPmu317  DragonTBPmu351  A Grumpy Dwarf/RumpelstiltskinTBTR26114 Dopey Yellow Dwarf


Big Mouth 14 inch

STYGL3808 WINTER FAIRY Snow Queen STYGL3806 Sunny Summer Fairy STYGL3805 Sunny  Fairy STYGL3807  Sunny  Autumn Fairy
  STYGL1902 WIZARD STYGL3516 PIRATE STYKnight3524  Knight STYJESTER3535  Jester
STYGL1901 SANTA  STYGS4905 Deluxe Leprechaun Vent hand puppet STYGL3534 Sunny  Gold Jester

Royal Family
16 inch Marionettes

TBF1601 King TBF1602 Queen TBF1603 Prince TB1604  Princess TBG04FP Fairy princess
8 inch marionettes

TBF0801 Little King TBF0815 Prince TBF0804 Little Princess

TBT0849  Little Magician TBT0843 Little Court Jester TBF0807 Little Soldier TBF0806 Little Fairy Angel TBT0850 Little Mad Witch

Royal Court & Fantasy Marionettes
16 inch Marionette

TBF1606 Fairy Angel or Godmother TBF1637 Jester    TBT1690 Mad Woman or Witch TBF1622 Green Haired Witch TBF1621 White Haired Witch  TBT1689 Magician or SorcererTBG06WIZ Wizard/of OZ

TBF1632 Dorothy Marionette TBF1633 Tin Man Marionette  TBF1635 Little Red Riding Hood TBF1605 Wolf TBG01rrh Little Red Riding Hood TBG03sw Snow White
TBFY1012 Yarn Frog TBT1672  Pinocchio TBF1625 Pinocchio

 TBF1607 British Soldier  TBF1608  Pirate TBG07pir  Pirate TBF1619  Little Mermaid

  TBF1606 Fairy Angel or Godmother  TBT1690 Mad Woman or Witch TBT1689 Magician or Sorcerer

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