Czech Republic
Hand Puppet

These Storytelling characters come to us through the puppet artistry of the Czech Republic!
The detail is wonderful and the sweetness in their expressions tell of the love
the Czech people have for the art that is Puppetry!

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Royal Court
Cinderella, Snow White, Princess & The Pea
Frog Prince, Elves & Shoemaker, Rumplestiltskin,
Kings Queens Princes Princesses, Before Princesses

HSPoor Boy/Miller/Prince/ King TBPmu371 King Richard or Old King Cole  HS King/Prince TBPmu384 French King/Prince John TBPmu372 Sleeping Beauty TBPmu378 Fairy Princess/Good Fairy
Goldilocks/Gretel/Wendy TBpc401 Cinderella TBPpc403 Goldilocks/Poor Cinderella
TBPmu359 Gepetto/Shoemaker/Grampa TBTR26114 Dopey Yellow Dwarf TBPmu351  A Grumpy Dwarf/Rumpelstiltskin TBPmu350 Snow White TBPmu383 French Queen/Snow Whites Step Mother   TBPpc405 Prince

TBPmu333 Frog TBPmu317  Dragon TBPhs007 Step mother

Three Bears

   TBTR26071  Boy Bear TBHS724455  Baby Bear TBPpc403 Goldilocks/Poor Cinderella TBG58328 Beauty/Goldilocks

Ballerinas, Fairies, Wizards, Mystical Beasts

TBPmu378 Fairy Princess/Good Fairy  TBPmu363  Green Fairy TBPmu385  Blue Ballerina TBPmu336 Ballerina

 TBTR26068    St. George Knight TBPmu348 Unicorn TBPH005 Crocodile TBTR26037  Devil TBPmu316 Magician TBTR26122  Mermaid

Christmas Characters

  TBTR26031  Santa Claus TBTR26123  Angel  TBPmu358 Reindeer

Characters For Little Red Riding Hood  & Hansel And  Gretel
Wolves, Grandparents, Witches, Girls, Boys

 TBPmu318 Wolf TBG58367 Red Riding Hood TBPpc407 Little Red Riding Hood TBpmu340  Grandmother
TBPpc408 Poor Boy/Huck Finn TBPpc409 Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn Goldilocks/Gretel/Wendy

Characters For Pinocchio  & Elves  And Shoemaker

TBPmu378 Fairy Princess/Good Fairy TBPmu359 Gepetto/Shoemaker/Grampa   TBG58329 Pinocchio TBPmu343 Cricket TBG58334 Genie
Dwarf TBPmu351  A Grumpy Dwarf/Rumpelstiltskin TBTR26114 Dopey Yellow Dwarf TBTR26038 Fox who leds Pinocchio into trouble  TBPpc409 Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn

Peter Pan &

 TBPH005 Crocodile TBTR26137 Captain Hook TBPhs002 Tinkerbell TBTR25036  Pirate

  TBPmu384 French King/Prince John TBTR25015 Little John Robber TBPmu365 Beauty or Maid Marion TBPmu371 King Richard or Old King Cole

 Beauty And The Beast & Puss In Boots

TBG58328 Beauty/Goldilocks TBG58332 Beast TBPmubef365 Poor Beauty TBPmu365 Beauty or Maid Marion
TBTR25050 Indian Chief TBPmu349 Puss in Boots HSPoor Boy/Miller/Prince/ King  HS King/Prince

Jack and The Beanstalk

TBTR25015 Little John Robber

Czech Look A Like puppets

TBG58328 Beauty/Goldilocks TBG58332 Beast TBG58329 Pinocchio TBG58334 Genie
 TBG58365 Snow White TBG58367 Red Riding Hood TBG58333 King TBG58326 Queen
TBG58327 Ballerina Dwarf


Doorway Theater

Table Top Theater

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