Sunrise Island

To Top of Sundrop Hill

The Sunnie BunnieZZ© 
live on Sunrise Island© 
at the tippity top of Sundrop Hill© 
in a pretty little place 
called Easter Brook Acres©. 
The Acres are surrounded by woods, 
but at their center stands a strange 
and beautiful tree. 
It is the Great Mann Elder©. 
Its boughs reach up to the sky. 
It's gnarled roots spill over 
with precious water.
Easter Brook, the soul of the Island, 
pushes up out of the ground 
running down the hill in many directions 
and blessing all who drink from it 
with another day of life.

Every afternoon when their gardening 
is through the Sunnie BunnieZZ© 
put down their tools and gather 
beneath the boughs of 
the Great Mann Elder©. 
In the shade of this huge tree, 
Grampaw Sunnie and Grammaw Hunnie 
tell their tales of wonder and magic. 
It is 
story time . . . .

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