Easter DayRiddler With Visuals
Go to file on the menu and then print out and do. 
You may answer the riddles by filling in the right word. 

A.Easter, A holy time  B. Sweet tid bits of goodies. C.A chicken lays me.

D.Good Friday E.Purple here but usually white.F. Have you any wool?

G. Hey here it is! H. Duck. I. Chick.

J.   Marching band.  K. A sweet treat!
Mr. Hip Hoppity! M.I am solid and good to eat. N.You can fill me up!

Who or What am I?

I 'm oval shaped and wear a shell.
I can be boiled or fried and painted as well.

I'm furry tailed and hip-hop along.
I bring you treats on Easter morn. 

I cheep, cheep and later cluck
I come from an egg but am not a duck. 

I quack and swim upon a pond.
I come from an egg but, am not a swan.

I'm candy, white, or milk and dark in color
made with sugar, and bits and lots of butter.

Bah! Bah! I have a fleece as white as snow
and wherever Mary went I was sure to go.

A tisket, a tasket, I'm made of woven straw.
The Easter Bunny carries me in his fluffy paw.


One a penny, two a penny 
goes the children's nursery rhyme.
I 'm a favorite pastry served at Easter time.

I am candy coated. 
I'm an Easter treat.
My name rhymes with belly jeans 
and you chew me up to eat.

You're on one when trying to find 
all that's been hidden, 
seeking the most of mine.

 Christ arose from the dead on this holy holiday.
I celebrate his resurrection on this Christian day.

I'm an Easter flower with a ladies name.
It's not Millie or Tilly but, has two L's 
and sounds almost the same. 

ON Good Friday, Christ carried 
and was nailed to a wooden me.
I became a symbol of this event 
and Christianity.

You might watch or march in me.
Or YOU might see me in the streets or on TV.

Now, the riddling finished. 
It has all been done.
Happy Easter Morning
 To Every One!

The End

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