Thanksgiving Day Riddler 
You may answer the riddles by filling in the right word. 

I am a bird but never flew
I love to gobble but would not eat you.
G.Turkey eating a sandwich. Turkey?

I once used my bow hunting buffalo
and slept in a tee pee with Geronimo !
  E.Native Americans or Indians helped the Pilgrims.Native American or Indian?

I am a vegetable with yellow bits inside,
kernels on the cob but green stalks outside.
   A. Corn was the vegetable that they planted.Corn?

The pilgrims landed here and called it home
a stone in my name and a mouth my own. 
Turkey at Plymouth RockPlymouth Rock?

I am played with kicks and tackles 
passes, hits and downs.
Quarterbacks and Tacklers know my name.
I am a game won with touchdowns!

I am a horn of plenty
but have another name 
filled with food like fruits and vegetables, 
nuts and breads and grains.
A Cornucopia is a Horn of Plenty.Cornucopia?

I am very solemn and I dress in black, 
wearing  buckled shoes and bonnets 
or wide brimmed buckled hats. 
I came to America struggling to be free 
to practice religion as I felt it should be.
The Pilgrims came to America seeking religious freedom.Pilgrims?

I am a day of the week you see 
between Wednesday and Friday and begin with T.

I was the boat the Pilgrims sailed on. 
A month in my name and the rest, 
well a rose is one. 

B. The Pilgrims came over on the MayflowerMayflower? 

I was never human, just a straw man hung
dressed in humans clothes to frighten some.
Like the black birds circling over head
waiting to peck at my gardens and be fed .
Scarecrows are suppose to scare the crows!Scarecrow?

I come one thankful day a year,
the fourth Thursday in November is this day of prayer.
Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day

Now, the riddling finished. 
It has all been done.
Happy Thanksgiving Day
 To Every One!

The End

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