Brick of the Buildin' SunnieBunnieZZ

Brick Buildin - Sunnie Bunnie


Muscle CarrotHi, I am Brick,
 the Buildin' Bunnie.
I enjoy tradition, family and doing the job right!

People say I am a craftsmen.
I believe I am.

Pounding Hammer and Nail.

I came to Sundrop Hill from Basket Ville.
Basket Ville is a very busy bunnie village.

It gets bigger, busier, noisier and a little less friendly, every day.
Basket Ville is growing into a city
of we know it alls
and we know it all better than you alls.
Seems like everything's got to be new for folks.
New is better. New is progress.

Squirrel on the run.

When I married Berrie Sunnie Bunnie©,
My dreams came true.

I decided to stay here on Sundrop Hill
with her and her folks
and help keep our traditions
and our history from slipping away.

I call my family, Berrie and I have two boys,
Jolten and Bolten,
the Buildin' SunnieBunnieZZ.

The Buildin' Sunnie BunnieZZ©
want everyone one to know
they can be Sunnie BunnieZZ©
and join the Sunnie BunnieZZ©
in keeping up family traditions, anytime.

Anyone can become Sunnie BunnieZZ© like me,
regardless of their name, what they look like,
where they come from
or whether they are even vegetarians or not.

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