Winter and Christmas Puppets for Sale

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Winter & Christmas

Hand Puppets
 TBBCP TBTR26031  Santa Claus TBPmu358 Reindeer TBTR26114 Dopey Yellow Dwarf TBPmu351  A Grumpy Dwarf/Rumpelstiltskin TBOSHT004 Snowman, Winter, Christmas TBTT048 Bear
TTELF  Christmas  Elf TTSNOWMAN  Frosty The Snowman TTSANTA  Santa Claus/St. Nick TTMRSSANTA   Mrs. Santa Claus TTLAMB Cutie Lamb SB12502 Softee Lamb
SB12497  Softee Penguin  SB12500 Softee Polar Bear wp03026 seal SB12528  Softee Moose
STYGL3808 WINTER FAIRY Snow Queen MM28059  Happy Moose  
  SBP12703 Plush Pink Poodle TBTT027 Dog

Christmas Stocking Puppets

Cutie Monkey 48090 Cutie Elephant 48091 TBTT026 Cat TTSANTA  Santa Claus/St. Nick TTELF  Christmas  Elf

Group Bargains on Christmas Stocking Play Puppets

Fairy & Angel
 TBFC2059 Godmother TBFC2228 Fairy Lily  TBFC2227 Fairy Rose  TBG58317 Fairy Princess TBPmu339  Snow Queen Cutie Angel 48092

TBTR26123  Angel TBPmu363  Green Fairy TBPmu378 Fairy Princess/Good Fairy

TBBCP116 Ethnic Ballerina TBBCP118  Red Headed Ballerina TBBCP112 Blonde Ballerina in Lavender TBBCP113 Lavender Ballerina Dark Hair TBBCP108 TBBCP109 Blonde Ballerina in Pink
TBPmu336 Ballerina TBFC2136 Ballerina TBPmu385  Blue Ballerina

Small 9"
 TBTF0806 Christmas Angel/ Sugar Plum Fairy STYMLAMBWB393A Lamb STYMDEERWB354  Deer
Large 16"
TBF1620 16"Nutcracker/Christmas TBF1606 16 ''Christmas Angel TBT1702 16" Santa/Christmas TBT1703 Christmas/Elf Temporarily out of Stock! TBF1611 Candy Cane Maker
TCcm03 Good King Wences

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