Columbus Day
Columbus Day Books and Resources

Columbus Day
& Resources

Life and Histories

Admiral Of The Ocean: A Life of Christopher Columbus
by Samuel Eliot Morison

Columbus Then and Now; A Life Reexamined
by Miles H. Davidson

The Diario Of Christopher Columbus's First Voyage To America, 1942-1943
by Oliver Dunn

The Imaginative Landscape of Christopher Columbus
by Valerie Flynt

The Four Voyages Of Christopher Columbus (Penguin Classics)

For Kids

Christopher Columbus A Great Explorer
by Carol Greene

Christopher Columbus
by Stephen Kresky

A Picture Book Of Columbus
by David Adler

Columbus: The Triumphant Failure
by Oliver Postgate

by Jane Yolen A Story (9-12)

If You Were There In 1492
by Barbara Brenner (9-12)

Where Do You think Your Going Christopher Columbus?
by Jean Fritz

Christopher Columbus
by Anne McGovern

Columbus Day: Books, Films, Music, and Links

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