Easter on Sunrise Island

Easter on Sunrise Island is a Holiday of Greatest Joy - The Story of Easter Baskets

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Sunnie BeeEasterEaster Cross here on Sunrise Island Grampaw with purple Easter egg is a time of great joy! We work all year long for this holiday. When other animals are hibernating on the Island, yes, I did say hibernating, (sleeping through Winter), we are very much at work getting ready for the Spring and it's celebration of all life. Yes, we have all 4 seasons here on the Island. Strange I know so, this far South but still that is part of the wonder of living here.

The Easter celebration, as we now know it, came to be after I brought The Great Book to the Island. Once I got it where it belonged, up on the tippity top of Sundrop Hill and placed it within the Great Mann Elder Tree, everything fell into place. 
The First Easter Lily grew, though now they bloom every year at this time, Easter Brook sprang up out of the ground and the Great Mann Elder bloomed with all it's strange and glorious leaves. Maple, oak and elm, all growing together on the same tree. Amazing! We celebrate our great joy for all living things and the power of this strange and beautiful book with the Easter celebration. I often look at The book, although I don't understand most of the words. Still I seem to learn a little more as each year passes.

We SunnieBunniezz make up Easter baskets which I deliver to the critters living in Lettuce Be Woods and throughout the Island for those who hibernate or do not buy baskets. Most of the Islanders now get their baskets from Stingee MunnieBunnies Chocolate Shoppe in Bonnetville. Our baskets contain bread, vegetables, fruit, hot cross buns, jelly beans and water from Easter Brook, everything a critter might need after a long nap, just a little something to help them leap into Spring. We do not do chocolate, though the little SunnieBunniezz© do ask and Grammaw usually gets some in town for them. We eat a Big Easter Breakfast with The Baah, Baah Black Sheep's on the other side of Easter Brook Acres and then we are off to the Easter Parade in Bonnetville. I don't like the city as much as I do the Hill but, the parade is a great joy for everyone and a true celebration of this Wonderful holiday.

The real Easter Bunny comes to visit many of you, but here on Sunrise Island it is the Sunnie BunnieZZ© who prepare baskets for the critters of Lettuce Bee Woods and it is me, Grampaw Sunnie who delivers them. I am the Island Easter Bunny Or Bunnie as we call ourselves here.

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