How Hunnie And Sunnie 
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Glossary Page Two

  • Page 11
    To move through water by using hands and arms, feet and legs.
    grasp: To grab or hold either in the hand or in the mind.
    A hard pull.
    A sound one may make when surprised or afraid.
    sprawled: laying with arms and legs extended or flung wide.
    : A boat made of boards or branches fastened together.
    To be held tightly in arms or hands.
    faded: When something has lost some or almost all of its color.
    Four sided object.
    yanked: To pull or tug.
    remaining: What is left after something is taken away.
    yards: A yard measures three feet.
    shore: The edge of land along a body of water.
    fainted: To be unconscious as in sleep.
    strain: Great stress or physical work.
    bore: To have taken on a task and completed it.
    Page 13
    The ticking sound made by a watch or clock.
    Mother Nature:
    A name for the caretaker of plants, flowers, earth and weather.
    clock: A device that measures time usually by counting seconds, minutes and hours.
    Page 14
    Hurting, throbbing.
    The ends of the ears and toes.
    den: Our family meeting room.
    greeted: To say hello or introduce yourself to someone.
    scraggly: Hair uncared for, looking matted or messy.
    nor: another word for or meaning, or else.
    met: To be introduced, to come to know or see.
    Some Bunnie: An important bunnie.
    tousled: Not combed, unruly or messed up.
    Page 16
    : asleep, not awake or aware.
    Page 17
    Candied Carrots:
    An expression Hunnie uses when she is surprised or upset.
    To be bitten or receive a sting from an insect.
    Page 18
    : To help someone to safety.
    Page 19
    Dare Woods
    : A place in the Land Of AS IS where risk is always present and creatures of all kinds live, experiencing adventures that may end up happily or unhappily.
    raising: Providing shelter, care and direction for someone until they grow.
    Page 20
    : To understand the meaning of characters that represent words in something written.

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