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May be used with both these Puppet Plays:
The Magic Cat or The Christmas Stocking.
Or make the Cat and The Bunny and then
go to bottom of page and under Little Duck and the Key to Every Door  
heading make the rest of the characters needed for that play!

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To make an Make an Elephant puppetelephant puppet, catmake a cat puppet
monkey make a Monkey puppetpuppet, or make a Bunny puppetbunny puppet, click on each of these pictures or their names and they will take you to their cut outs page. You will need lunch sized paper bags and crayons. Go to File on the menu and then go to Print. Color in the animals parts. Ask Mom, Dad or an adult to help you cut out along the lines of the eyes, ears, snouts and trunk. Then use either glue, paste or scotch tape to attach the trunk, snout, eyes and ears onto the bags as shown. Go to Plays and Scenery located Backstage for the story and props you will need for your play.

Sample of Elephant  Bag PuppetSample of Monkey Bag Puppet

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Santa puppetSanta and Jingleself puppet the Elf are both needed for the Christmas Stocking play along with the Cat, Monkey and the Elephant above.

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If you wish you may make any of these puppets with socks and felt. Print out the page for each puppet and cut along the edges of the pieces, these will be used as patterns. If you pin them to pieces of felt and cut along the edges. You will end up with pieces of felt that match the print outs and can then be attached to an old sock with pieces of velcro instead of scotch tape. This method is a "No Sew Activity." You may also sew the puppet pieces on to socks if you have an adult who would like to help you with this activity.

*If you keep the puppets you make, you will find new Puppet Show scripts for you to perform with your friends, added to the Activity Page from time to time.

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Little Duck And The Key To Every Door!

To Make Little Duck, Frog and
Dog needed to perform this play,
"Little Duck and The Key to Every Door" click on these hyperlinked words and they will take you to the pages with the patterns to make them! You can use the Cat, and Bunny from the Magic Cat play above to complete the characters needed for this activity!

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Ruby's Stew

To make wizard, witch, make a cat puppet cats

Click on these hyperlinked words and they will take you to the pages with the patterns to make them! You can use the Cat, pattern to make two cats you color differently to complete the characters needed for this activity!

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Barnyard Thanksgiving

Paper Bag Puppets To make Coming soon!

To Buy Puppets to do Play Click here!

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A Brief History of Puppets

Puppetry Home Page


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If you are interested in buying the puppets
to perform these plays go here!
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Puppetry:  Books, Music, Films, Links

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 You will enjoy these Poems about Puppets and Puppetry  
The Theater  The Circus
Wooden Blocks Pinocchio

The Revolt Of The Puppets 

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Puppetry: Books, Films, Music  and Links
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