By Linda A. Copp
Flying Red Dragon
Dragons are a strange lot
No two are quite the same.
Some like to scale tall mountains.
Some don't even have a name.
Some have horns and teeth and wings.

Some like just to sit.

Small Green Dragon in Flight
Some love to go out flying.
Some love to rage and spit.
Fire Breathing Dragon

So, If you've seen a dragon.
Consider yourself blessed.
Because of all the creatures in the world,

Dragon PointingHuffy Puffy Dragon

He's picked you out as best.
And if he follows you around.
Decides to take you home.

I'd like to come in for a bowl or two of stew.
Know ye' well that he will be
a friend you truly own.

By Linda A. Copp
©December 24, 1981

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