~Spiritual Stained Glass Angel Corner~

~Our Savior~

Spiritual Tahoe

And He Went Away To Pray
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Serious poem about Christ in Gethsemane*

Praying Hands

 March 13th
He Has So, Spun
Within His Light The King
The Lily He Said
Reflections of the Cross

Thanksgiving Day Prayer

~He  Walks With Us~

Heaven Here or There
His Angel's Sound
A Song Peace
Roses and Beauty March Thirteenth
Divine Hands Smiling Angel
Christ Smiles Another's Walk
A Snowflake Snowflakes
Spirit Daybreak 

~Oh Holy Child~

Little Healer Little Jesus
Band Of Angels
Oh, Child! Sweet Child
Christmas 71 Lovely
Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas

An Angel

My Christmas Wishes I
Christmas Wishes II
Magic Like Reindeer
Jingle, Jingle, Jingle
Night Oh, Christmas Tree

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Larry's songs of Praise and Music, original Christian compositions, listen and enjoy!

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