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Elder's Poetry Index

Ambling Down African Drums
And It's All Done With Mirrors
And The Numbers Dance Before Me
A Bitter Wine Belief The Bridge Music is heard on this page.
Black on Black Black Leather Boots
The Beginning Of The End
The Club Crazy Man
Crimson Court Room Jester
Danger Dreamtakers
Epitaph Elastic Bands
 Empty Chamber
Everybody's Pushen' And Pullen' At Me
Everyone You Love Can't Love You Back
The Farm Fractured
Flights of Fantasy The Forest Is Colored
A Garden Glass Slippers
The Glass Swan Gypsy May Kendall
The Hush Hand Me No Secrets
In Between The Cushions
I Know It Is Near
by Katie Rosselle
I've Lost The Magic Something
"It's Time" Said The Pumpkin"
It's Kept It's Late I'm Free
I Talked To Him If Wishes Were Sent
Judas Jungle
Jugs of Brews Jack Rabbit Habit
Kindling And Stones
 The Lantern Lady Mc Michaels
Little Caesar Little War Witches
The Lost Time Little Red Riding Hood
 My Barometer's Dropping
Miss Charlotte My World Mirror, Mirror
My Love, My Peace My Scrap Book
On the Prowl Oh! Figure
Of Dust And Glass
Of Rainbows And Prisms
Prince Or Puppet Pinocchio
Pieces Purple Patches
Reflections On A Sunny Afternoon
Red And Blue Rainfall
Rachel Rebecca Restless
A Star Is Falling
So, You've Bought Your Way To Heaven
The Still, The Silence And Then The Sound
So, After Sincerity
Story Books A Shadow
Someone Came She Didn't Know
A Stain Glass Window Spoils And Spoilers
Standing On The Corner
The Tavern Time
Tin And Bone The Little Tin Soldier
We Sing Music is heard on this page. Wooden Blocks
Woke Up This Morning
The Wax Museum War Witch I
You Caught Me In

Featured Poetry for Middies and Elders

Music is heard on this page.=  Music - Longer Download Time But Worth The Wait

Featured Poems

The Lady of the LakeMusic is heard on this page. Spiritual TahoeMusic is heard on this page.
"Poetry My Muse"Music is heard on this page.

Demon DanceMusic is heard on this page. 

"Where My Beloved Waits for Me"Music is heard on this page.
"The Musical Muse"Music is heard on this page.   "Kindred Spirits"Music is heard on this page.
  "A Leopard Lay"Music is heard on this page.

 "Majesty" Music is heard on this page.

Thanksgiving Day PrayerMusic is heard on this page.

Seasonal Poetry  for Middies & Elders

~Summer~ ~Fall~ ~Winter~ ~Spring~
All the Summer Poems are easier or sunnier
for kids and are at Kid's Corner.
Ambling Down Cornstalks
Departure The Lost Time
The Tomb Of The TrollsMusic is heard on this page. Troll CasketMusic is heard on this page.
Miss Autumn October
"It's Time" Said The Pumpkin"
Thanksgiving Day PrayerMusic is heard on this page.
Wood SpritesMusic is heard on this page.
Reflections On A Sunny Afternoon
House of Ice Winter's Fires
A Star Is Falling
Standing On The Corner
My Barometer's Dropping


The Forest is Colored

Endangered Species:
Wolf's Way Princess, Montana Skies, a tribute to Wolf #10
Too upsetting for little ones!

September 11th
A Personal Reflection


Elder and Middie Poems have content or themes that
are not always 'sunnie' or easy enough for a Kid's Corner.

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'I Know It Is Near' by Katie Rosell
All Other Poems by Linda A. Copp©

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