Goblins, Kobolds and The Orcs
By Linda A. Copp

They live in dark or semi dark 
under mossy mounds or beneath the rocks.

 In crevices of stones, wood and blocks
march the Goblins, Kobolds and the Orcs! 

In shadows, smirking, you see their stare.
Sometimes here
Sometimes there

Goblins all kinds everywhere.
Look and listen, see and hear.
Kobolds sweep your chimneys clear.
Hobgoblins blow soot in your hair.

But Orcs will burn the whole house down
before you huff and puff 
or even turn around.

Rude, impolite and uninformed 
 Hobgoblins some but, others harm.
They scare and taunt, jab and trick
tripping, flipping wounds inflict.

Sneaking, seeking, seldom sleeping,
oblins, obbarts, goblin, speaking.
 Mumble, grumble, moan, groan and grunt
snorting and squealing, hunting lunch.

Never idle always in a fuss
those goblins 
 fumin',  feudin', always after us   
 with a laugh that curdles milk or blood
they sour fruits with ugh and udd.

They plot their schemes of dank dismay
and this is what the Goblins say:
"Boogarts, Boogles, Boogey Men
watchin, waitin, listenin'
Boo Hoo, for you!
What's ya' gonna do?

It's Trick or Treat
and it's up to YOU???

By Linda A. Copp
October 9, 2000

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The composition is 'Trollocs'
from the 'Wheel of Time' themes found at Stig Vegar.

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