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I've Lost That Magic Something
By Linda A. Copp

I've lost that magic something
and I don't know where it's gone,
Like a King without a Kingdom,
a Singer without a Song.

Now, whose the Prince of Plenty
who reluctantly became,
The one and only everything,
to swallow up my name.

I wait, I wait and listen
and when his horse comes by,
Why I remember when he knelt to me
but, now he passes by.
Prince on Horse

He hardly stops outside the door
though he says it isn't, so.
The magic that I once held mine
was meant some time to go.

But, when he wooed me with his flowers,
spoke words of Kingly praise,
Why I always knew they were not truth
just the things he thought that day.

And now, here like aWood Cutter Woodcutter
who once felled a mighty oak.
I have no ax, no tree to see,
just the words that he once spoke.

He passes by the cottage door.
He sometimes stops to chat
but, he never hears the me beneath
the echoes, this and that.

And I cannot reach him anymore,
I remember when I needn't try.
And he knew, he knew, the heart of me,
He made me Princess, why?

For now, I am no Princess
and neither was I then.
But now, I only frighten him
there is so much to condemn.

And oh, to fall from lofty heights
to fall from clouds of joy,
And to crash right back to what you are,
and worse to see it in the boy.

To once be special everything,
the center of a life,
And then be found to drift away,
and fade, and fade my life.

I have no friends to cover me,
no suns to warm my rain.
I'm alone, alone, again like yesterday,
before my Prince, he came.

And no, he hasn't left me, no
but, I've fallen so, so far,
Beneath the things he used to see
the love he used to star.
Prince Sitting With Glass Slipper

And it's fading like the colors kept
in a child's old storybook
When waters spilled across the page
and years have come to look.


So, let me tell you sorry
though I cannot tell you why.
For though you speak no, differently
it's there inside your eye.

It's in all the things you used to say
but, don't say anymore,
It's in all the things you used to do,
but don't do them like before.

It's not the big, the big, big things
it's the small that make me cry.
For I miss the times we spent
together, together you and I.

And now the lonely feeling comes,
it settles deep inside.
My heart is aching, aching so,
I've got no place to hide.

I have no where to go, you see.
I've nothing any more.
I only hope this emptiness
will take the aching o'er.

And oh, my Prince to've fallen
to've left you wanting more,
To've left you needing yesterdays,
When I, Princess lived before.

I cannot stand the thunder
I cannot stand the snow,
I cannot stand the emptiness,
and to watch you go.

For when the magic spell has passed
and when your truly gone,
Why then My Prince, I'll have no life,
no reason to go on!

By Linda A. Copp  
©September 23, 1972

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