By Linda A. Copp

Banners, boots and buttons,
batons and marching feet,
pounding out the rhythm 
of their drummers in the street.
Beating Drum

Red and gold and silver,
black and red and white,
all the rainbow whirling, 
turning in my sight.
Marching Band

And all the while the music, 
the individual ear
picking up its merriment, 
the things it wants to hear.

But, soon before you know it,
the parade has come and gone.
It has left you standing by the road 
holding your own song.

Marcher with Drum

Now, you can go and join it 
or you can stand and stay.

The choice is yours to make my child,
I'll look the other way!

Marcher with DrumMarching Soldier

By Linda A. Copp  
©January 1, 1971

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"Liberty" the musical composition on this page
comes to us from the Patriotic Pages

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