The Pauper And The Prince
By Linda A. Copp

"Welcome to My castle
that's my name upon the door.
The Owner of the Castle.Mr. Clark, the mesenger.
Come in, sit down and talk awhile
don't stumble,
close the door.

Now, you say you've come to tell me
of something deep and dark.

Some Gossip or some mumblings,
my fortune, Mr. Clark.

I'd give you duck or pheasant.
I'd give you lamb or goose.

I'd give you wine and berries,
the very best vermouth -

But, Alas, the famines left me none
just some walnuts and some cheese,
Some water and some tasty scraps
but now, go on;
go on,

You say they'll come to get me here,
walled in as I am.

You say they'll tear this house apart,
looking for the lamb.

But, Alas, I tell you sir,
I haven't any goose
I haven't any pheasant,
any lamb or any moose.

You see they'll do it vainly sir
for I have the none of these.
All I have is water,
nuts, and scraps, and cheese.

Why won't they believe me, Sir
I'm the master of this house.
The riches long since passed away,
just cracked cement, a mouse

An empty hall, torn tapestries,
some marred and mangled wood.
Make them, please, believe me sir,
I'd give them if I could.

Wait. No, you mustn't go.
Please, don't leave me here alone.
My spirits weak, my hands are cold,
your words have chilled the bone.

And I just don't understand
the message that you bring,
And why you've come to tell me,
and why even now that sling,
David's slingshot!
"For David slew Goliath
with but a slingshot and a stone.
David and Goliath
You wouldn't come here warning me
then kill me in my home?"

"Welcome to my castle
that's my name upon the door
Be careful of your faltering steps,
he stumbled, closed the door."

By Linda A. Copp
 ©February 1, 1971

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