Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Jesus, the Shepherd, the Saviour.
Dedicated to my Savior with great Love!
Spiritual Tahoe

By Linda A. Copp

I hear the lapping of the water,
it's a lullaby to Thee.
Yet, the stillness wrapped around this lake
in sheer breaths of poetry.

It is almost overwhelming
the emotions living here.
And your hearts at home with wonder
God's own Canvas, crystal clear.

These bluey depths,
life's giving drink
is streaming by the shore
it calls you to the center of
its soul,
And begs you just once more,
to believe.

To believe.
I could not ask for more.

Sweet release from sadness,
a filling of the heart,
music spilling into me
Will have to play its part.

For God has written His symphony
with these notes of life,
He has blessed
He has given me.

And I Know,
It is so.
It is so.

I believe.
I believe.
All I see.
All I see.

His Majesty!

Surrounding me.

Wondrous blue is wrapped around
these seas of Mountains high.
And it touches down and reaches
for our souls,
our spirits fly.

We see them in the water,
then we feel them rise and go.
Reflected in the deepy depths,
God's Face,

Jesus walks barefoot among us.

Jesus is barefoot,
and walks the edges of my soul,
I see Him stitch the shoreline
With the hem of His gown
and know.
I kiss the earth, He walks upon,
I say these words of prayer
thank you for Salvation,
And this bit of Heaven that you've shared.

Souls are stirred and rising.
Renewals in the air.
Just like snow white new beginnings,
crisp new mornings,
snowflakes spill,
our spirits dance amidst,
the belief and peace
and care!

Forever Thine.
No end to Time.
Souls arise on angels wings.
They sing into the wind
and then their symphony

Our Spirits reach for Heaven.
Ah! To Touch His Magic,
the Face Of God Is there.
And yet, His SOUL,
Is all around us,
Jesus is everywhere,
As is our fervent Prayer.

And I believe.
I believe.

Hymns are sung,
such sweet harmonies
climbing with the breeze,
Swept across the mountains,
the winds, the trees,
drifting down,
their songs are heard
by the yearning breasts
of we who listen still
for the Wonder of His Word.

God's arms are wrapped around
Tahoe's, waters edge,
lifting them,
the hem to the crown,
To the stairway we are led.

And I could not want for more!

Feel the Peace, Feel the Peace,
Sweet Release,
Sweet Release.

Drifting in a daydream,
blankets of serene
the waters lapping fingers,
reach and touch me
and I have truly, seen,
Jesus swept His hand and we were brought to be.
Take His comfort here.

Humanity should be of this
the cup of kindness
And my soul is full to the brim
with all that I have seen
and felt of Him.

His Spirituality
Washed and Wrapped about us here.
The reflection and the echo of the soul
rising to the skies,
Spirits kiss and hug the Heavens
And Tahoe's Joyous Spirits, cry.

As God Watches Over Us On High!

By Linda A. Copp
May 28, 1999

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