The Christmas Lamb
By Linda A. Copp

Have you ever heard the story
 "The Christmas Lamb?"

It was a cold and wintry evening
over 2,000 years ago,
when "The Christmas Star" arose.
Big and bold and bright,
shining over Bethlehem
 it set the night aglow.

Shepherds standing watch
over their flocks nearby
in awe, looking to the sky
 decided to follow it and so,
They were the first to visit HIM,
the first to come to know
of this babe laid in a manger
huddling against the cold,
Fulfilling the ancient prophecy
of what had been foretold.

This little boy, this newborn, King of Kings
wrapped up in rags and yet,
crowned in peace and light,
Was what this little lamb had come to see
as he followed them that night.
Then looking on with shepherds,
the donkey and the ox,
this little lamb saw something more
that he could do.
And walking bravely from amidst
the shepherds' flocks,
He lay down by the sleeping boy,
to warm this Prince of Peace.
And wrapped himself about HIS feet
offering his fleece
as warmth against the icy air.
His body to be a living blanket of
his loving care.

Little Jesus opened up his eyes
and touched him
with his small yet, loving hands,
Thankful for this lamb's sweet gift
he'd given just as lovingly,
to the Son of Man.

Then baby Jesus filled him with HIS Spirit
then bade him with a smile
to go forth and to do this~
To follow in the footsteps of those
who would come to speak HIS name
and those who would give of themselves
so joyously, that they would know
they'd do this not in vain.

For he was the Messiah
they had long been waiting for,
And this was the holiest of nights
that had ever been thus, far.

Now, The little lamb stayed with the Child
long after this holy eve
for in his heart he knew the truth,
his faith and he believed.
And still watching then,
when much later,
 the three Wisemen came
kneeling with their gifts of
franc, incense and myrrh
and murmuring Jesus name.
He touched them with his simplicity,
his humility!
A symbol evermore
Of the  Christ Child in all HIS glory.

And so, you see,
This is the simple story
of how a little lamb
who gave unselfishly
but of himself
came to understand
the wonder and the glory
of "The Christmas Story!"

By Linda A. Copp
December 17, 2001

Dedicated to Carol who loves Lambs!

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