Nativity  Stain Glass Window

Christmas 71

  By Linda A. Copp

Let us speak of giving hearts,
and loving thoughts and joy.
Let us speak of scripture's kept,
and a little baby boy.
And let the little chimneys puff
their warmth into the sky.
For God, the Father and His Son
are always standing by,
Waiting for that little gift,
that little extra try,
That something of a joyful heart,
that comes from you and I.


Christmas Carolers
Snowflakes fall and dress the Earth
in purity and light.
Hymns and carols fill the air
and candles light the night.
Presents come and go with care
and wrappings keep them well.
Christmas cards are wished away
of love and faith they tell.
And all above and in between,
the wreaths and canes and care.
Is the underlying reason for
this Christmas time we share.
A Babe was born in Bethlehem,
Our Savior and our Lord.

And Christmas time is His sweet time,
the Son of Man and God.

  By Linda A. Copp

©December 25, 1971

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