Magic A Brief History

Magic A Brief History

A Word fromNoggin Bodd, Jester, Puppeteer, Magician.Noggin Bodd
The belief in Magic, I believe, is as old as the world itself, as old as the first human, to ever wonder at the existence of the stars and believed in something beyond, himself. To me, LOVE is Magic, the real magic, caring about someone, the treat without the tricks, the star we humans look for in our universe from the very time we are born. Ah! yes, and when found, it must be followed, for it is the greatest of all treasures, though you can't count it up in nickels or dimes. But, believe me with it, one has all that they need, other than of course, the air, the water and the sun in the sky.
A Brief History by the first Magician Nickleby

Magician Nickleby Way back in time, my time, Magic, supernatural magic, the kind you read about in Fairy Tales, was another name for the art of sorcery. And Sorcery was the art of getting what you wanted through supernatural means. These means could include, acting out the hoped for result, casting spells, chanting and combining, supposedly powerful ingredients like say eye of newt, whatever that is, I never saw a newt, myself, you understand, with the spells and chants.
Magicians or sorcerers were thought to be able to control natural forces like lightening, rain and thunder, by use of supernatural powers. Magic was part of many religious rituals and celebrations. Its worshipers believing their gods would grant them good harvests, health and success.

King's often employed personal magicians, who were supposed to be able curry favor with the gods and guarantee victory of all kinds, over enemies, famine, and disease. Merlin, the wizard featured in the King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table Tales, served in such a manner.

There are basically three kinds of the old magic, the supernatural magic, homeopathic, sympathetic and contagious magic. 

Homeopathic imitates what the practitioner would like to see happen. A small model of the objective is made and the desired result is acted out, rather like a play. A fisherman makes a clay fish and acts out catching it. Hoping this is what will really happen when he goes fishing. Indian rain dances and or European folk dances were often performed in hopes of good harvests. In other words, it's an acting out of the persons hope with the belief this hope will become a reality. 
Sympathetic is the kind of magic, that uses an object to represent the thing or person whose future, or destiny, you are trying to control. This object is said to be in sympathy with it. You act upon this sympathetic object and effect an outcome. Like sticking pins into a doll, the doll being the person you want to effect. 

Contagious magic, takes control of an object thought to be magically charged or empowered by its owner, in order to get control over him. A person's lucky socks, or a rabbits foot, something like that, might be considered to be empowered by its owner and taking control of this amulet or lucky item is believed to be taking away the owners power.

All of these magics use correspondences, or what it believes is the hidden relationships between man and the universe, to make things happen the way the practitioner, or practicer, wishes. 
I don't believe in any of these magics now, and only do magic tricks to entertain my audience.

The Egyptians and Romans believed in Magic. Egyptians carried amulets and magic figures and the Romans went to priests called Oracles. The Oracles were thought to be able to speak with the gods. 

Alchemy, an ancient science, tried to discover the philosopher's stone, a magic substance which could turn lead into gold. They also sought the elixir of life, a miraculous substance which could cure disease and lengthen life. Many believed in this science. The Swiss Physician Phillip Paracelus and Sir Issac Newton were two, such believers. This old science is no longer considered to be a science by modern standards.

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