Magic An Introduction by Noggin Bodd

About Magic ~ Introduction

A Word from Noggin Bodd, Jester, Puppeteer, Magician.Noggin Bodd

Magic,  as we now know it, is an illusion. The Magician creates the idea that he is performing an impossible task, a trick, which defies explanation. But, it really is just a trick and as such is very possible.
Wizard or Magician stirring the pot, his top hat. The Amazing Nickleby Tickle taught me that, which at the time was very disappointing to me, as I believed very much in the power of the wizards, elves and fairies.
In many ways, Nickleby  was far beyond himself in the ways of Magic, as it has now, come to be performed, as an entertainment. However, at that time I considered him to be
well . . . , a fraud, a hoax, a pretender to the art, and a bit of a cheat. He was, however, an amazing puppeteer, very gifted at bringing his little people to life. 

He and I became fast friends and formed, as far as I know, the only Traveling Show in the Land of As Is. We had many adventures and went to every nook and cranny in, the charted side of 'As Is', mankind's East Wing. However, I can't say life does not have its adventures now that we have joined the other side of 'As Is', the uncharted side, the animals West Wing. 

Well, let's get started on our journey through Magic.
Here's a little more history.

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